Jayanti Kathale
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Purnabramha is a franchise of authentic Maharashtrian food restaurants. They have their main restaurant in Bangalore and are planning to spread their business across other states in India.

About the business

Jayanti Kathale, the owner of PurnaBramha, converted her passion for food into a successful career. She changed her profession at the peak of her career with Infosys and embraced entrepreneurship to start Purna Bramha, a restaurant specializing in authentic regional Maharashtrian cuisine. Her initial attempts at entrepreneurship were constrained. Purna Bramha started as a small venture with limited funds but eventually as she made up her mind for the big move, Jayanti needed more working capital to expand.

NeoGrowth's Role
NeoGrowth’s timely funding proved beneficial for Purna Bramha. Currently Jayanti is not just restricted to Bangalore, and she is expanding her business through a franchise model which is exclusive to women entrepreneurs. She has also set a personal goal to open 5,000 outlets across the globe over time.

She got to know about NeoGrowth through her contacts and in her own words:
“When I was in a real big need of financial working capital for my business to grow, then NeoGrowth came in picture.”