Mrs. Pavithra YS, Bangalore

Mrs. Pavithra YS is a facilitator of change and the owner of a BPO that employs specially-abled people.

She started in 2006 with a will to do something different, in the current day and age her organization is portrayed as a role model organization as they create opportunities and mainstream people who have never worked in their lifetime by providing them with self-respect and dignity. So, they have been able to generate business and make an impact on society.

She proudly narrates “One of the first turning points for us was when a corporate believed in what we were doing, they stood up for the idea we had conceived and tried to make it a reality.”

She further adds, “NeoGrowth for me is a lifeline. As for all entrepreneurs, these loan amounts create a positive impact and give you the strength to move ahead irrespective of the challenges and circumstances. NeoGrowth was there for us as support when we needed them.”

She is constantly creating a social impact in society.

Mr. Shyam Shankala, Hyderabad

Mr. Shyam Shankala is the owner of Shri Balaji Mithai Bhandar, he became an entrepreneur at a young age and was able to make his dreams come true.

He is an extremely energetic person who is constantly seeking out new avenues for business expansion.

Mr. Shyam narrates “It is extremely important to upgrade businesses with the advent of new technologies. In the process of upgrading business, loan amounts are extremely helpful.”

He narrates further, “Getting a loan with less documentation and in a short time is a very good thing. NeoGrowth is 100% beneficial to all the businessmen associated with them. I am one of the businessmen associated with NeoGrowth and they have been very helpful.”

He believes in upscaling his business with the changing times.

Mr. & Mrs. Singh, Mumbai

Mrs. Sharmila and Mr. Ram Singh are the proud owners of ‘Shree Ganesh Services’ and are the distributors for Coca-Cola for Central Mumbai.

From starting their business in a small room to putting in a lot of sweat and blood and now owning a 10,000 sq. ft. business empire with 150 employees, they have come a long way.

The couple proudly narrates, “Coca-Cola seniors believe in starting the dispatch of new products from our warehouse for luck as they believe that nothing would fail if new beginnings happen from Shree Ganesh Services”.

They recall “At one point in time we had a difficult target to meet, the funds taken from NeoGrowth came to our rescue and we were able to meet the target. Earlier we used to take small ticket-size loans, but over the years, we have realized that to truly upscale and grow our business we must take greater risks.” The couple is an inspiration for all and constant growth promoters.

The couple is an inspiration for all those who believe in scaling their business.

Mr. Bharat Vora, Mumbai

Mr. Bharat Vora, owner of Pawan Machinery Pvt. Ltd. is a seasoned entrepreneur who with his determination and grit has overcome difficult situations.

He narrates “I have changed my business model from agency business to manufacturing business. From staying in the office with my family to building up the life of my dreams, I have recovered from multiple curved balls thrown at me. All these incidents have taught me that sincerity and dedication are the key to a fulfilling life.”

He is proud to be associated with NroGrowth and says “I have a long-standing association with NeoGrowth. I have been in business for the past 40 years and I believe these loan amounts are extremely important in the journey of MSMEs and an entrepreneur. The loan gives me an opportunity to have adequate working capital to expand my business.”

He is a visionary and is passionate about the problems of MSMEs.

Mr. Rajanikanth Reddy, Hyderabad

Mr. Rajanikanth Reddy is the owner of Vijayalaksmi Electricals, he started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2017.

He has diversified his business into three different fields. He narrates “I started my electrical business in 2017. Prior to that, I was myself an employee and with time, my salary grew from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 1 lakh. Still, I was not satisfied with it, so I started my own business. This is how my journey started!”

Mr. Reddy adds, “I took a loan when I was in dire need of investment. NeoGrowth helped me with it. NeoGrowth has been a constant pillar of support that is why I have been able to succeed and achieve all that I ever dreamt of. If I hadn’t received the financial support, I would not have been able to scale up. NeoGrowth is as supportive as my mother they are my backbone”.

He has an unbelievable grit and determination to grow his business.

Mr. Rajesh Singh, Mumbai

Mr. Rajesh Singh is a dynamic personality, he started in the year 2000 with a piece of land and a relentless attitude.

He invested 3 years to procure various licenses and NOCs to open his venture.

Mr. Rajesh recalls “The initial years of business were quite tremulous for us as the sales were low and even the location was an issue. Slowly and steadily with continued efforts, I was able to successfully run the business.”

He further adds, “As a kid, I always wished to have my own venture, my association with NeoGrowth has made this dream come true. In the current day and age, I am a man who is living the life of his dreams. I look toward the future as with the help of NeoGrowth I want to expand the business and have multiple outlets.”

He is constantly translating his dreams into reality.